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A Walk With Love And Death

Ipecac Recordings

2cd in 2 6 panel digipaks in a sturdy box

Released: 7th Jul 2017


pink / violet 2lp in 2 separate gatefold packages housed in a box

Released: 7th Jul 2017


the first ever double album for the genre-bending institution finds them splitting their time between rides on their multifaceted rock behemoth, and experimental plunges into a disquieting noise/ambient house of horrors.

it makes for one of this year’s most satisfying and challenging rock albums, in an era where such things are hard to come by. it can also a lot of fun, the ‘rock’ side full of surprises in the form of country-fried diversions, prog forays, and a few poppier moments. it’s  absolutely worth taking a walk with. “re-frames the Melvins’ legacy with newfound aplomb…this is not merely their most impressively realised effort in many a moon, but also one of the most rewarding listens of the year thus far.” 9/10 – the line of best fit

A Walk With Love And Death


  1. Black Heath
  2. Sober-delic (acid only)
  3. Euthanasia
  4. What's Wrong with You?
  5. Edgar the Elephant
  6. Flaming Creature
  7. Christ Hammer
  8. Cactus Party
  9. Cardboa Negro
  10. Aim High
  11. Queen Powder Party
  12. Street Level St. Paul
  13. The Hidden Joice
  14. Give It To Me
  15. Chicken Butt
  16. Eat Yourself Out
  17. Scooba
  18. Halfway To The Bakersfield Mall
  19. Pacoima Normal
  20. Park Head
  21. T-Burg
  22. Track Star
  23. The Asshole Bastard