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Released: 2nd Jun 2017


2lp + download

Released: 2nd Jun 2017


her third lp distils the character of Ikonika’s music productions across a wider set of styles than previously, subtly fusing elements from contrasting genres, giving the set a uniqueness that puts it in its own lane.

Furthermore what sits at the centre of ‘Distractions’ more than ever is her love of R&B and hip hop, in all its forms, which has opened the door to bring in a selection of guests in a way she’s not fully explored before. From the full throttle blend of grime and 80s synth soul ‘Noblest’ with Andrea Galaxy, to the reflective ‘Sacrifice’ with up and coming MC Jammz, a slowjam that merges dubstep with hip house drums. The final vocal track is the languid ‘Hazefield’ co-produced with Sweyn J and featuring Jessy Lanza on vocals. Its mix of mechanic clunk and minimalist, lulling funk could only happen in 2017.



  1. Girlfriend
  2. Noblest ft Andrea Galaxy
  3. Manual Decapitation
  4. Lear
  5. BGM
  6. 435
  7. Do I Watch It Like A Cricket Match?
  8. Sacrifice ft Jammz
  9. Love Games
  10. Lossy
  11. Not Actual Gameplay
  12. Not
  13. Hazefield ft Sweyn J & Jessy Lanza