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Jay Som

everybody works

double denim


Released: 17th Mar 2017



Released: 19th May 2017


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she takes us to places we never could have imagined, wedding lo-fi rock to hi-fi home orchestration, and weaving evocative autobiographical poetry into energetic punk, electrified folk, and dreamy alt-funk.

this is a fuzz-loving artist in flux, who explodes out of her bedroom-pop and transforms into an entirely different beastie. While the guitar-grinding Jay Som we first fell in love with still reigns on shoegazey shredders like "1 Billion Dogs" and in the melodic distortions of "Take It," we also get the sublimely spacious synth-pop beauty of "Remain," and the luxe, proggy funk of "One More Time, Please.” “Anyone who likes both sides of the 4AD label’s classic sound – the dreamy music of Cocteau Twins and the noisy alt-rock of Pixies- will find that this album scratches both itches.” – Sunday Times Culture.


everybody works


  1. Lipstick Stains
  2. The Bus Song
  3. Remain
  4. 1 Billion Dogs
  5. One More Time, Please
  6. Baybee
  7. (BedHead)
  8. Take It
  9. Everybody Works
  10. For Light