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chris robinson brotherhood

Barefoot In The Head

megaforce records


Released: 21st Jul 2017



Released: 21st Jul 2017


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the ex-black crowes  frontman gives you more of what you need, so long as what you need is more deftly interwoven country, blues, psychedelia, and freewheeling 60s' folk.

the album revels in the kind of playful adventurousness that can only come from five artists tuned in to the same sonic wavelength. The album opens with some signature Americana funk, later turning dreamy and cinematic with album highlight ‘She Shares My Blanket’. Elegant pedal steel added by special guest Barry Sless on ‘Blonde Light Of Day’ casts a warm, romantic haze, whilst ‘Blue Star Woman’ sounds like T-Rex dressed in overalls living on a West Coast commune. “… Robinson returns with his usual stew of blues, country, warm psychedelia and rock’n’roll. But within that template, they’ve left a trail of surprises to uncover, and the band have built themselves a playground and given themselves the time and space to thoroughly explore every corner…Barefoot In The Head’ is a little ray of light beaming through these dark days.” – classic rock

Barefoot In The Head


  1. Behold the Seer
  2. She Shares My Blanket
  3. Hark, the Herald Hermit Speaks
  4. Blonde Light of Morning
  5. Dog Eat Sun
  6. Blue Star Woman
  7. High Is Not the Top
  8. If You Had a Heart To Break
  9. Glow
  10. Good To Know