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oh sees


castle face records


Released: 25th Aug 2017


limited indies only 'bone' colour 2LP + download

Released: 18th Aug 2017


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standard black 2lp + download

Released: 25th Aug 2017


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john dwyer’s re-badged, revved, and ever respawning colossus are not in the business of disappointing you, or slowing down.

wonderfully, ‘orc’ feels like the last few oh sees records in miniature. so you get the retro psychagarage stomps of ‘floating coffin’ on the opener, complete with joyous poppy ‘ooh-ooohs’ and brigid dawson’s ace vocals feminising the whole screeching thing a bit. but you also have the gnarled motorhead-worship of ‘animated violence’, and extended jamming, droning stretches of atmospheric wonder, where this whole kit and caboodle elevates itself to a thing of greatness. there are nods to can (the drums on 'cooling tower' are pure 'vitamin c') and puffs of 60's psychadelia. dwyer himself veers wildly in his vocal attacks from bat-munching gnarl to tye-die hippie whispers and whoops. he continues to steer this many-headed beast in ever altering directions, devouring all in its path.



  1. The Static God
  2. Nite Expo
  3. Animated Violence
  4. Keys To The Castle
  5. Jettisoned
  6. Cadaver Dog
  7. Paranoise
  8. Cooling Tower
  9. Drowned Beast
  10. Raw Optics