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ejimiwe keeps finding new ways to delight our twisted souls! Mixing immaculately arranged textures of cinematic, post-punk tinged sonics with his distinct, haun...

some say I so I say light

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industrial beats, sonorous piano lines & hyper-detailed ornamentation provide a backdrop for the rapper’s uncanny lyrical skill at mixing the abstract...

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nadine shah

Holiday Destination

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2lp + poster + download - £22.99
Why aye man! One of our fave artists has blown her previous masterpieces out of the water - Hard-hitting, richly imaginative and lyrically explorative.
dark days + canapés

1.     One More Sip
     Many Moods At Midnight
3.     Trouble + Me
4.     (We’re) Dominoes
5.     Freakshow
6.     Dopamine If I Do
7.     Live>Leave
8.     Karoshi
9.     Blind As A Bat…
10.  Immigrant Boogie
11.  Woe Is Meee
12.  End Times



dark days + canapés

Play It Again Sam
  • limited indies only white lp + download

    Released: 18th Aug 2017

  • cd

    Released: 18th Aug 2017


A record of our times – the 4th stunner from Obaro Ejimiwe is thick with unease and anxiety, both lyrically and sonically.

If he delivered the bleak content of his songs with the venom and despair they merit, this would be a much less powerful record. It’s his laconic half-sung, half-spoken monologues and mellow orchestration that really make his idiosyncratic aural assault so impactful. After the erratic beat-driven arrangements of his first two albums, this record (produced by Leo Abrahams) delves further into a fuller, guitar driven sound that he started to explore on 2015’s ‘Shedding Skin’. The remarkably unhurried pace of the album demonstrates a confidence in delivery that so few possess. Album highlights include the brilliantly introspective ‘Woe Is Meee’ where Massive Attack’s Daddy G makes another guest appearance and the almost industrial grind of ‘Immigrant Boogie’, where Obaro may well have carved his finest moment to date.
“Nightmarish, claustrophobic swirls of sound” - The Independent, “A statement of real substance” 4/5 -  Q, “Stunning” 4/5 – Mojo, “Yet another stage in Obaro Ejimiwe’s fascinating evolution” 4/5 -  DIY, “Album of the year” 9/10 – Exposed, “An expertly crafted assault” 4/5 - The Skinny, “Pure musical innovation” 9/10 - Outline