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The Duke Spirit

Sky is Mine

Ex Voto Records


Released: 18th Aug 2017


white lp + download

Released: 18th Aug 2017


***instore cancelled***

"Liela apologizes for this sudden cancellation but during rehearsals this week she has begun to feel the taxing demands of growing a small human - this is beginning to restrict activity and advice is to take a little break! The Duke Spirit will return to Resident at a time in the future, for sure, and maybe with an extra (small) member of the crew" Big love X Liela

the band have always had a gloriously rich sound but on their exceptional 5th album, they're sounding more intense, atmospheric & anthemic than ever - fans of mazzy star, daughter or dark horses should come & lose themselves here.

From the shimmering melodies & prodigious power of tracks like ‘Magenta’ & ‘See Power’ to the energy-fuelled psychedelic rock of ‘Houses’ & ‘Yoyo’, the album flows with a dark, beguiling grandeur with the majestic allure of Liela Moss’ crystal vocals. She is vocalist of rarefied ability – which she has to be to be able to share a microphone with both JoshT Pearson & Duke Garwood, who guest here.

Sky is Mine


  1. Magenta
  2. Bones Of Proof
  3. See Power
  4. In Breath
  5. Houses
  6. How Could, How Come
  7. YoYo
  8. The Contaminant
  9. Broken Dream