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Oh, Sealand

at the helm records


Released: 14th Jul 2017


their 7th is an unsettling, anthemic record full of love and frustration for England, peppered with literary references, old roads, lost films, fishermen and drowned villages.

As well as the full musical line-up, the album features the voice of celebrated author and comic book writer Alan Moore, a sea shanty choir and an unofficial anthem for the independent principality of Sealand, which lies 6 miles off the coast of England. ‘The Ghosts of Watling Street’ was written at the request of cult author, John Higgs, best known for his book, ‘KLF, Chaos, Magic and The Band Who Burned A Million Pounds’. the book is an epic journey across the UK's oldest road and this song was written to accompany the book.


Oh, Sealand


  1. Land Of The Cuckoo
  2. Sealand
  3. Down In The Water
  4. Sons And Daughters Of A Quiet Land
  5. Swallow The Day
  6. Mustard Fields
  7. Danu
  8. The Ghosts Of Watling Street
  9. Children Of The Rocks
  10. Josephine
  11. Penda's Fen
  12. Blood Moon