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Acid Test


Released: 8th Sep 2017



Released: 8th Sep 2017


part 2 of ex chili peppers’ guitarist’s trickfinger project shows frusciante fully committing to his new electronic vision; as always, throwing his soul into every cluster of beats & warping synths.

"In my opinion, making music with no intention of releasing it is the best thing a musician can do for his own development in this day & age. The Trickfinger LP was […] the beginning of a new musical life for me. When I hear it, it sounds like I am opening up doorways to new worlds.” All the music was recorded live onto a CD burner, through a cheap mixer. John would sit on a chair, in his living room, surrounded by five to 15 machines, & just keep programming & jamming until the track was ready to be recorded. There were no overdubs – recorded all live.




  1. Shift Sync
  2. Ruche
  3. Exclam
  4. Hasan
  5. Cuh
  6. Stall