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sonny burgess

red headed woman (charly sig seven)



Released: 21st Jul 2017


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these are two of the most raucous, energetic recordings released when rock ‘n’ roll was in it’s nascence.

“His voice resembles a banshee wail, the sound of a man tormented by a thousand devils…” - Adam Komorowski. Some of the wildest records cut on Sam Phillips’ Sun label bear the legend Sonny Burgess. Both sides of his single from 1956 have been Charly Records, in partnership with Sun Records, are releasing 'Red Headed Woman' as a facsimile edition of the original single released in August 1956, replicating the original Sun labels & Sun Records bag on vinyl. Both sides, newly remastered from the original Sun master tapes, have been taken from the 10-inch LP Sonny's Back In Town - Mojo's "Reissue Of The Month". Each side of every single is curated & sourced from analogue master tapes, rare vinyl & studio acetates & lovingly restored & mastered in London by Alchemy & Soundmastering studios respectively.


red headed woman (charly sig seven)


  1. Red Headed Woman
  2. We Wanna Boogie