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lp + download

Released: 4th Aug 2017


originally a tour-only cassette, their first ever release is now available on wax, to our immeasurable pleasure.

before their sound lurched into tenser post-punk shapes, they released this excellent, almost garagey ep, with nods to their Canadian indie-rock pedigree. as such it does sound more like woman, as well as the likes wolf parade and ladyhawk. so you get a mix of sharply-angled rhythm workouts and euphoric 60s garage pop-esque melodies, balanced with a penchant for drone-y, VU-styled downer moments. highest recommendations.



  1. Throw It Away
  2. Unconscious Melody
  3. Oxygen Feed
  4. Static Wall
  5. Structureless Design
  6. Dark Entries
  7. Select Your Drone