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phoebe bridgers

Stranger In The Alps

Dead Oceans


Released: 22nd Sep 2017


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Released: 22nd Sep 2017


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ten soul-shattering songs of brutally honest lyrical unburdening worthy of Keaton henson, mournful pianowork, sweeping strings, vocals that recall julien baker’s deep melancholic yearning &  even an early bon iver-esque ear for melody in places – we love it.

this haunting & introspective full-length debut further introduces the 22-year-old as a singular voice. There is a delicate balance to her work; a dance between veiled narratives & earnest emotions between whispers & shouts. Throughout the album, she contemplates & reflects on personal experiences through her unique lyric writing perspective: there are overt references to lost idols, canonical pop songs & actual incidents, but her stories unfold through specific, evocative imagery sung in her subtle, confessional style. “I wasn’t trying to be too lo-fi, too hi-fi, too self-serious, too disingenuous…I feel pretty confident that I’m finding my voice,” says Bridgers.


Stranger In The Alps


  1. Smoke Signals
  2. Motion Sickness
  3. Funeral
  4. Demi Moore
  5. Scott Street
  6. Killer
  7. Georgia
  8. Chelsea
  9. Would You Rather
  10. You Missed My Heart