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Sufferer: Expanded Edition

Doctor Bird


Released: 8th Sep 2017


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Featuring a number of tracks new to CD and eight highly sought-after instrumental versions, this is a must for all serious fans of vintage Jamaican sounds.

One of Trojan’s best-selling albums from 1970, this is Available on CD for the first time since 1994. the vocal trio's only album, ‘Sufferer’, collected a dozen of their best-known works from the preceding two years. One of the most sought-after boss reggae LPs ever to see issue, the album finally receives the respect it has long since been due, with the original 12 tracks bolstered by an equal number of bonus recordings; the result being the first definitive anthology of the Kingstonians’ works for Harriott’s widely revered Crystal Records.


Sufferer: Expanded Edition


  1. Your Love
  2. singer Man
  3. Sufferer
  4. Hold Down
  5. I'll Be Around
  6. Winey Winey (Reggae)
  7. The Clip
  8. Rumble Rumble
  9. Come We Go Moonwalk
  10. Complicated Scene
  11. Easy Ride Reggae
  12. Nice Nice
  13. Kiss A Little Finger
  14. Undertaker’s Burial
  15. Splash Down
  16. Sic Him Rover
  17. Right From Wrong
  18. The Bad
  19. Musical Madness
  20. Rumble Version 2
  21. Barefoot Brigade
  22. Out There
  23. Out There Version Ii
  24. Version From 3