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savage young du



Released: 10th Nov 2017


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4lp + book

Released: 10th Nov 2017


numero group have compiled this box set with their usual panache - an essential summation and chronicle of the 80s US punk icons from their germination as the fastest, loudest and hardest band on the planet.

with 69 songs (47 unreleased) we are sped from their earliest basement days through to their apocryphal early albums on sst records. of particular awesomeness is the alternate version of the ‘land speed record’ album, recorded a couple of weeks later, which sh*ts over the original. You probably already know if you want this, but let us speed you past any doubts by informing you that this is a thing of beauty that you will treasure forever. packaged with a hardbound book crammed full of never before seen photos, flyers, and a sprawling essay with participation from the band.

savage young du


  1. 200.1 Do You Remember?
  2. Sore Eyes
  3. Can’t See You Anymore
  4. Picture Of You
  5. The Truth Hurts
  6. Do The Bee
  7. Nuclear Nightmare
  8. All I’ve Got To Lose Is You
  9. Chinese Rocks
  10. Uncle Ron
  11. Data Control
  12. Insects Rule The World
  13. You’re Too Obtuse
  14. Outside
  15. Sexual Economics
  16. What Went Wrong?
  17. 200.2 Statues
  18. Amusement
  19. Writer’s Cramp
  20. Let’s Go Die
  21. Walk With The Wounded
  22. Industrial Grocery Store
  23. Drug Party
  24. Call On Me
  25. Termination
  26. I’m Tired Of Doing Things
  27. Stick It To Me
  28. Wheels
  29. 200.3 All Tensed Up
  30. Don’t Try To Call
  31. I’m Not Interested
  32. Guns At My School
  33. Push The Button
  34. Gilligan’s Island
  35. MTC
  36. Don’t Have A Life
  37. You’re Naïve
  38. Strange Week
  39. Big Sky
  40. Ultracore
  41. Let’s Go Die
  42. Won’t Say A Word
  43. Don’t Try It
  44. Private Hell
  45. Diane
  46. Sex Dolls
  47. In A Free Land
  48. What Do I Want?
  49. M.I.C.
  50. Target
  51. Signals From Above
  52. 200.4 From The Gut
  53. Blah, Blah, Blah
  54. Punch Drunk
  55. Bricklayer
  56. Afraid Of Being Wrong
  57. Sunshine Superman
  58. Signals From Above
  59. Everything Falls Apart
  60. Wheels
  61. Target
  62. Obnoxious
  63. Gravity
  64. Do You Remember?
  65. Travel In Opposite Car
  66. It’s Not Funny Anymore
  67. Real World
  68. Out On A Limb
  69. It’s Not Fair