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Baxter Dury

Happy Soup

Regal UK


Released: 17th Oct 2011


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baxter’s 3rd album of “seaside psychedelia” is worlds away from his previous lps of darkness & romantic disappointments. serenaded into the world by his dad’s band the blockheads banging out chuck berry’s ‘johnny be good’ in the basement, baxter was never destined to work in a “proper” job. these 10 tracks may narrate everyday tales but baxter’s lyrical playfulness & acute character analysis ensure the songs are far from mundane. just take the amusing picture painted of portobello road in ‘trellic’ or ‘the sun’ in which madelaine heart’s honeyed guest vocals swim in-between bursts of baxter’s infectious laughter & colourful, rippling guitars. ‘claire’ meanwhile slings his cockney charm around bus fare funk & unforgettable bass hooks. it’s not all rainbows & carousels though – had joy division scored a batman soundtrack, the looping bass & menacing spoken-drawl of ‘picnic on the edge’ would undoubtedly have made the cut.

Happy Soup


  1. Isabel
  2. Claire
  3. Leak At The Disco
  4. Afternoon
  5. Happy Soup
  6. Trellic
  7. Picnic On The Edge
  8. Hotel In Brixton
  9. The Sun
  10. Trophies