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Jon Hassell

Dream Theory In Malaya: Fourth World Volume Two



Released: 29th Sep 2017


lp + cd

Released: 29th Sep 2017


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The follow up to his lauded seminal ambient work with brian eno is no less crucial – hassell’s mastery of his trumpet is absolutely astounding.

When listening to ‘Dream Theory in Malaya: Fourth World Volume Two’, you’re deeply struck by how contemporary or even “futuristic” it still sounds. The stuttering glitches of the opening track ‘Chor Moiré’ are cooly confrontational. The scratchy, layered drones of ‘Dream Theory’ are both haunted and indeterminate. The mixing of acoustic sounds and electronics, technological motifs and field recordings has been revisited and reimagined many times in the 36 years since this album came out, but rarely with such unsparing intelligence and technicolor sensuality. This music still beguiles and still beckons with untapped possibilities and strategies.

Dream Theory In Malaya: Fourth World Volume Two


  1. Chor Moir
  2. Courage
  3. Dream Theory
  4. Datu Bintung at Jelong
  5. Malay
  6. These Times…
  7. Gift of Fire
  8. Ordinary Mind