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As You Please

Run For Cover Records, LLC

limited uk indies only orange / blue swirl lp + download

Released: 2nd Jul 2021


orange sunblast lp + download

Released: 2nd Jul 2021


While the cathartic melancholy of their debut ‘Youth’ and the jarring intensity of 2015’s ‘Everybody is Going to Heaven’ are both present, the most welcome addition to Citizen’s arsenal is the range of sonic experimentation on the album.

This is most notable on ‘In the Middle of it All’, where vocalist Mat Kerekes is sampled singing the song title in a modulated, haunting chorus that echoes throughout the song. The addition of organs and unconventional drum effects on songs like ‘You Are A Star’ and ‘Medicine’ create shifting emphases on tension and frailty, while the huge choruses of songs like opener ‘Jet’ and ‘Forgive No One’ are reminders that while Citizen dove headfirst into uncharted territory with their new album, the band is still as good as ever at writing emotionally-charged anthems. ‘As You Please’ presents Citizen’s vision at the most focused it has ever been - it is delicately crafted to provoke at every moment


As You Please

  1. Jet
  2. In The Middle Of It All
  3. As You Please
  4. Medicine
  5. Ugly Luck
  6. World
  7. Fever Days
  8. Control
  9. Discrete Routine
  10. I Forgive No One
  11. You Are A Star
  12. Flowerchild