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Lights Out

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Released: 5th Sep 2011



Released: 5th Sep 2011


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the transatlantic duo arrive with the strum of an acoustic guitar set against the fuzzed out chords of electric guitar & boy/girl vocal tones.

kacey underwood & alice costelloe have been making waves with their tales of teen angst & adult compromise. ‘lights out’, co-produced by underwood & dean reid, emerges from its bedroom beginnings as a collection of 12 deeply personal songs with universal appeal, innately tapping into the innocence, insecurity, wonder & (sometimes unrequited) love & lust of relationships. the album opens with the nostalgic sweep of ‘distant neighborhood’, a blissful, sun-kissed introduction. the raw, confessional ‘talk’ perfectly illustrates the push-pull of relationships, ‘seraphine’ is enchanting in its deep reflection, while ‘homework’ is achingly beautiful in its schoolyard simplicity. ‘locked up’ is a wall-of-sound swoon fleshed out from its early recordings & could well be one of the most raggedly affecting love songs this year.  overall, these are songs which are structurally sparse yet emotively rich, sweet & seductive yet raw & jagged.

Lights Out


  1. Distant Neighborhood
  2. Chair
  3. Cool Like Kurt
  4. Swoon
  5. Homework
  6. Talk
  7. With The World At My Feet
  8. Locked Up
  9. Summer Cold
  10. Visions
  11. Seraphine
  12. Pi