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Marco Beltrami (original soundtrack)

Lakeshore Records


Released: 20th Oct 2017


The final film in the Wolverine saga has a much darker, grittier tone than its predecessors & the score responds in kind with a darkly visceral, erratic energy that keeps you on your toes throughout. the Score comes from two times Academy Award nominee Marco Beltrami (‘The Hurt Locker’, ‘3:10 to Yuma’, ‘The Wolverine’, ‘World War Z’, ‘Underworld Evolution’).

Marco Beltrami (original soundtrack)


  1. Main Titles
  2. Laura
  3. The Grim Reavers
  4. Old Man Logan
  5. Alternative Route To Mexico
  6. That's Not A Choo-Choo
  7. X-24
  8. El Limo-Nator
  9. Gabriella's Video
  10. To The Cemetery
  11. Goodnight Moon
  12. Farm Aid
  13. Feral Tween
  14. Driving To Mexico
  15. You Can't Break The Mould
  16. Up To Eden
  17. Beyond The Hills
  18. Into The Woods
  19. Forest Fights
  20. Logan VS X-24
  21. Don't Be What They Made You
  22. X Marks The Plot
  23. Eternum - Laura's Theme
  24. Logan's Limo
  25. Loco Logan
  26. Logan Drives