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soundtrack by Jeff Russo

Lakeshore Records

‘telekineses’ pink marble 2lp

Released: 27th Oct 2017


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a mind-bending soundtrack for a mind-bending show, which counterbalances sweeping moments of epic scale with tense moments bordering on horror – a well-rounded, hugely vivid piece of work.

This Original score is by Emmy-nominated composer Jeff Russo (‘Fargo’, ‘Star Trek’, ‘The Night Of’). The tv show ‘Legion’ is part of the X-Men Marvel Universe, starring Dan Stevens, Aubrey Plaza and Rachel Keller. Pressed on ‘telekineses’ pink marble vinyl, this features the show’s star Dan Stevens singing the Muppets classic ‘Rainbow Connection’ as seen in the show. It Also features the show-stopping epic song from Episode 7, ‘Fauxlero’. The original score also features music ranging from Ravel’s masterpiece ‘Bolero’ to Pink Floyd-inspired synths. 

soundtrack by Jeff Russo


  1. Young David
  2. David In Clockworks
  3. 174 Hours
  4. Seeing Things Hearing
  5. Things
  6. Run
  7. David
  8. The Shift & Cascade
  9. The Caper 2
  10. Legion Main Title
  11. Rainbow Connection
  12. Open
  13. Almost Legion
  14. Levitate
  15. Clockworks
  16. Chaos & Madness
  17. David & Syd
  18. The Walk
  19. Main Title Music Box
  20. Choir & Crickets
  21. Tea & Memory
  22. David Redux
  23. Darkness (Full Suite)
  24. Fauxlero (Bolero De Revel)