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Little Miss Echo Recordings


Released: 27th Oct 2017


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limited edition white lp + download

Released: 27th Oct 2017


the brighton duo’s layers of fizzing arpeggios and crushing motorik drums transport us deeper into their ever-changing, kaleidoscopic world of meaty psych-synth at break-neck speed.

A joyful barrage of distorted drums and rhythms interweaves with simmering electronics. Alongside their relentless disco-punk drums and Carpenter-esque arpeggios, a more developed sound is now on offer. the title track and ‘Morphology’ display the raw energy and almost no-wave punk aesthetic of the group. When interspersed between the Devo like driving riffs of dance-floor-bangers like ‘Lagom’ and ‘Modulate to Accumulate’, you can begin to hear how the band deftly blends their various styles and influences. We recommend if you love snapped ankles, soccer96 and lcd soundsystem.“A joyful storm of synth loops, beats and beeps - AK/DK play with passion, inventiveness and smiles plastered over their faces” - Drowned In Sound.



  1. Morphology
  2. Lagom
  3. Wolves at the Door
  4. Modulate to Accumulate
  5. Modulahhh
  6. Atomic DNA
  7. Patterns/Harmonics
  8. Bright Isles of Lights
  9. Words for Sale
  10. Disco(n)tent
  11. Modulaargh