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Jason Molina

The Black Sabbath Covers

Secretly Canadian

indies only 7"

Released: 24th Nov 2017


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these two intimate songs are a bittersweet artifact of one of the Rust Belt’s titan songwriters.

When Jason Molina took on another artist’s song, he willed his own universe into it, his own personal and artistic mythology. Be it Conway Twitty or Townes Van Zandt, their blues were infused with his own entrancing blues. This pair of newly discovered, home-recorded Black Sabbath covers is no different. he peels back the sinister and stoned elements of Sabbath, zeroing in on the loneliness and brooding. on ‘solitude’, he extracts Ozzy Osbourne’s gorgeously cooed vocal performance and transforms it into a high and lonesome sound, a desert campfire howler.

The Black Sabbath Covers


  1. Solitude
  2. Snowblind