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Con Todo El Mundo

Night Time Stories


Released: 26th Jan 2018


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LP + download

Released: 26th Jan 2018


this trio’s sounds are rooted in the deepest waters of world music - infused with classic soul, dub and psychedelia, and inspired by the underdiscovered funk and soul of the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Their 2015 debut album ‘The Universe Smiles Upon You’ was heavily influenced by 60’s and 70’s Thai cassettes the band listened to on their long car journeys to rehearsal in the Texan countryside. now a more complete vibe-synchronous soul-unit, they travel the planet, honing their craft, absorbing the sights, sounds and feels from cultures across the globe, and reward us with this effortlessly surmised concoction. it should appeal to lovers of anything from yussef kamaal to the menahan street band. “each track sounds like it could have come off as jukebox single purchased from some dusty overseas record kiosk” 8/10 – uncut, “Their second album is a delicate collection that welcomes you back into their magical world” 8/10 - mojo

Con Todo El Mundo


  1. Cómo Me Quieres
  2. Lady and Man
  3. Maria También
  4. August 10
  5. Cómo Te Quiero
  6. Shades of Man
  7. Evan Finds the Third Room
  8. A Hymn
  9. Rules
  10. Friday Morning