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nils frahm




Released: 26th Jan 2018


2lp + download

Released: 26th Jan 2018


we seem to have been waiting a long time for a new full-length proper from the german maestro, and he doesn’t disappoint on a far-reaching work where the lines between neo-classical composition and contemporary production are dissolved to dizzying, mesmeric effect.

the album reveals itself to be an opus with a striking rhythmic emphasis, as if steve reich is conducting jon hopkins in the art of pulses and phases. In truth this is a natural studio progression from frahm’s marvellous ‘spaces’ recording, where the boundaries of his talent have been blown open to incorporate whatever he wants into his glorious sound universe. we are left with an album that is, and could only be nils frahm – a remarkable achievement in a scene he continues to transcend. “With All Melody, Nils Frahm has retained his unique approach and emotional sensitivity…a record to be treasured” 8.5 – xlr8r, “An ambitious and unclassifiable album” 8/10 – mojo, “(his) grandest statement yet, yet it maintains the inquisitive, exploratory spirit of his most playful recordings” 7.8 - pitchfork



  1. The Whole Universe Wants To Be Touched 01:58
  2. Sunson 09:10
  3. A Place 07:02
  4. My Friend The Forest 05:16
  5. Human Range 06:59
  6. Forever Changeless 02:47
  7. All Melody 09:31
  8. #2 09:40
  9. Momentum 05:21
  10. Fundamental Values 03:50
  11. Kaleidoscope 08:16
  12. Harm Hymn 04:10