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Minnie Riperton

Perfect Angel (deluxe edition)



Released: 1st Dec 2018


a 2 cd deluxe edition of the 1974 gold-certified classic, this album is famous global No.

1 hit, “Lovin’ You,” and its co-production, songwriting, vocals, keys and percussion from Stevie Wonder and his backing band. This Edition includes 11 bonus tracks, featuring extended or alternate versions of each album cut, plus the single mix of “Lovin’ You”. There is also a track not included on the original album - a duet version of “Take A Little Trip” with Stevie Wonder. riperton’s husband, Richard Rudolph, was interviewed to provide new liner notes for the release.

Perfect Angel (deluxe edition)


  1. Reasons
  2. It's So Nice (To See Old Friends)
  3. Take A Little Trip
  4. Seeing You This Way
  5. The Edge Of A Dream
  6. Perfect Angel
  7. Every Time He Comes Around
  8. Lovin' You
  9. Our Lives
  10. Lovin' You (Single Version With Countdown)
  11. Reasons (Extended Version)
  12. It's So Nice (To See Old Friends) (Exended Version)
  13. Take A Little Trip
  14. Seeing You This Way (Acoustic Version)
  15. The Edge Of A Dream (Extended Version)
  16. Perfect Angel (Extended Version)
  17. Every Time He Comes Around (Extended Version)
  18. Lovin' You (Alternate Band Version)
  19. Our Lives (Extended Version)
  20. Don't Let Anyone Bring You Down (Perfect Angel Version)