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Ty Segall

Three Bells

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A fifteen song cycle that takes a journey to the center of the self.
Ty Segall

Hello, Hi

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From tender guitar string tussles to ballsy amp destructors, Ty's latest cracks open his skull and pours out the sonic ooze that has been keeping him up all...
Ty Segall

LEMONS (2022 repress)

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Burying '60s sing-alongs and dance crazes beneath waves of reverb and giddy thud, Ty Segall has carved out his own shelf in the San Francisco neo-psych gara...
Ty Segall


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You never know what to expect when you first whack on a new Ty segall record (which is part of the appeal) – ‘Harmonizer’ kicks up the weird t...
Ty Segall


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WHAT? It’s almost 2020!? Face it, the last ten years or so have been a BLUR – so much shit going down, good and bad - and a lot of music too.
Ty Segall

Ty Segall

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the latest in the epic battle between ty segall (ty segall) and john dwyer (thee oh sees) for the garage-rock crown, sees the ever-versatile san franciscan do e...
Freedom's Goblin
  1. Fanny Dog
  2. Rain
  3. Every 1’s a Winner
  4. Despoiler of Cadaver
  5. When Mommy Kills You
  6. My Lady’s On Fire
  7. Alta
  8. Meaning
  9. Cry Cry Cry
  10. Shoot You Up
  11. You Say All the Nice Things
  12. The Last Waltz
  13. She
  14. Prison
  15. Talkin’ 3
  16. The Main Pretender
  17. I’m Free
  18. 5 ft. Tall
  19. And, Goodnight

Ty Segall

Freedom's Goblin

Drag City
  • 2lp + poster

    Released: 26th Jan 2018


it’s difficult to know what there is left to say about this precocious garage firebrand – luckily this sprawling, eclectic 19-song set says it all, each of his rock personas let loose in one brilliant album.

Where can he possibly go after this? Because here you get Ty as fuzz animal, ty as folk troubadour, ty as 60’s flower child, ty as 80s glam rocker…in many ways it’s the ultimate segall statement. It’s one thing to be a prolific, but it’s another thing entirely to do so with quality on such a consistent basis. If this decade in music has taught us anything, it’s that Ty Segall is capable of both” 4.5/5 – soundblab, “plays like an all-new-songs version of the California songwriter’s greatest hits” 4/5 - now