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pale green ghosts

2lp + cd - £23.99 | Buy
if you're expecting the czars' mainman to deliver a straight up follow-up to the rapturously received 'queen of denmark', then you're in for...
Mr. Dynamite
  1. Mr. Dynamite
  2. Modern Parenting
  3. Tokyo Metro
  4. Endangered Species
  5. K Mart Johnny
  6. Pink Squirrel
  7. Lime Ricky
  8. Fall
  9. Safe and Sound


Mr. Dynamite

bella union
  • lp + download

    Released: 16th Mar 2018

  • cd

    Released: 16th Mar 2018


John Grant unites his bountiful imagination with Wrangler’s darkly funky analogue electronica – it’s an aural Pollock painting of experimental pop & surreal funk.

there’s a freedom in the shackles-off grooves, channelling the early pioneering spirit of the Sugarhill Gang through wires & random electric noise. This sense of adventure is also part of the interplay between the two vocalists, John Grant & former Cabaret Voltaire frontman Stephen Mallinder, who switch between oblique wordplay to sinister humour. The creepy ‘alter-ego’ title track, ‘Pink Squirrel’’s vocoder kaleidoscope & Grant’s exhilarating croon on the nine minute ‘Safe & Sound’ are just some of the twists & hooks to be explored on this outlandishly inventive record. “Music as tense as Pink Squirrel & as Kraftwerky as Tokyo Metro comes together quite happily in the snarling Creep Show sound” 8/10 – q magazine, “dark, incendiary electronica…the record never stands still” 8/10 – mixmag.