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John Tejada

Dead Start Program



Released: 9th Feb 2018


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2lp + cd

Released: 9th Feb 2018


the house and techno producer’s thirteenth full-length is a journey spanning a prismatic array of styles and patterns, from John's signature soulful techno tunes to the further mazy, hypnotic motifs of his trance-y electro hybrids.

Navigating across the lines, from the arrhythmic machine spook of the album's opener 'Autoseek' via the straight out thumping and jacking pulse of 'Hypochondriac' and heavy-lidded breakbeat of 'Sleep Spindle' onto the kosmische-infused vibrations of 'Telemetry', vibrant slo-mo inertia of 'Loss' and wistful club-ready winds of 'Duty Cycle' and 'Heal', John threads his way through genres and tempos with optimal chameleonic effect. if you’re a fan of Lawrence, Justus kohncke, robag wruhme or shed, you need to hear this.

Dead Start Program


  1. Autoseek
  2. Detector
  3. Sleep Spindle
  4. Hypochondriac
  5. Loss
  6. The Looping Generation
  7. Telemetry
  8. Duty Cycle
  9. All At Sea
  10. Heal