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Secretly Canadian


Released: 2nd Mar 2018


limited indies-only clear lp + download

Released: 2nd Mar 2018


we’ve long loved this genre-averse band, and this is another astounding creeper-of-a-record that combines warp records sonics with the experimental spirit of krautrock to highly captivating and original effect.

it represents both a continuation and rebirth for suuns, inviting you in with its hints of melodic brightness, like a teasing beckoning finger into their biggie-smalls world. that said it does trade darkness for a more optimistic ambience at times, apparently inspired by Frank Ocean’s use of space. It’s freaky post-techno nearly-pop to get completely lost in, and very-much riyl liars, Nicholas jaar, cavern of anti-matter and broadcast. it also is a record that might just find you if you ever longingly wondered what would have happened if radiohead had run with the sound of Kid A/insomniac a little longer. “Vocoder flourishes, occasional saxophone solos and all, Felt is still possibly the most candid album Suuns have made, showing even a little vulnerability in the glimpses it gives into their methods” 8/10 - popmatters



  1. Look No Further
  2. X-ALT
  3. Watch You, Watch Me
  4. Baseline
  5. After the Fall
  6. Control
  7. Make It Real
  8. Daydream
  9. Peace and Love
  10. Moonbeams
  11. Materials