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Travels in Constants

temporary residence ltd

limited indies-only lp + download

Released: 16th Feb 2018


These two tracks rank as some of the most powerful and haunting that Jason Molina ever put to tape – lengthy, side-long evocations of loneliness but also of the solace that can be found in one's art.

Sometime in 2001 - sandwiched between the release of 'Ghost Tropic' and its follow-up, the classic, 'Didn't It Rain' - Songs: Ohia recorded an EP for the Temporary Residence label’s distance-themed subscription series, 'Travels In Constants'. The untitled EP consisted of a single 18-minute song - performed live by Jason Molina in his living room, recorded directly to 4-track cassette as the sounds of a typical Chicago night bled through the air. even better is the sparse and mysterious ‘howler’, built up from drum machine and a ghostly lead lick. Of course, this is RIYL mark kozelek, bonnie 'prince' billy, and smog.

Travels in Constants


  1. Travels In Constants
  2. Howler