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Jonny Greenwood

Phantom Thread



Released: 9th Feb 2018


2lp + sheet music

Released: 20th Apr 2018


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the radiohead man’s score to Paul Thomas Anderson’s opus is a thing of pitch perfect beauty, with opulent, playful piano configurations acting as playful counterpoint to an underlying sense of unease.

the hacks on the film award boards are right with this one, Anderson and Greenwood gaining plaudits for their symbiotic style of collaboration. the director reputedly inverts the composer-director relationship with greenwood, often letting his scenes be dictated by the movement of the music. and what music, dramatic yet light, decorative yet ambient – deeply evocative stuff. “From strikingly, golden age like elegant to feverishly agitated, the music that Jonny Greenwood wrote for “Phantom thread” rattles me from beginning to end and pulls me inside a complex story with a complex character” 10/10 – soundtrack dreams

Phantom Thread


  1. Phantom Thread I
  2. The Hem
  3. Sandalwood I
  4. The Tailor of Fitzrovia
  5. Alma
  6. Boletus Felleus
  7. Phantom Thread II
  8. Catch Hold
  9. Never Cursed
  10. That’s as May Be
  11. Phantom Thread III
  12. I’ll Follow Tomorrow
  13. House of Woodcock
  14. Sandalwood II
  15. Barbara Rose
  16. Endless Superstition
  17. Phantom Thread Iv
  18. For the Hungry Boy