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Josh T. Pearson

The Straight Hits!



Released: 13th Apr 2018


limited pink lp + download

Released: 13th Apr 2018


Recorded in Texas with fellow ex-members of Lift To Experience and The Texas Gentlemen, the album juxtaposes rousing country-rock anthems with the kind of intimate ballads that rocked us on his solo debut.

Whilst the record opens with a handful of drawling, up-tempo rockers reminiscent of Courtney barnett’s energetic aloofness, pearson constantly shakes up dynamics throughout, making the record even more organic and compelling. “Where Lift To Experience doled out sardonic allusions to the Book of Revelations, here Pearson does the same for Honky Tonk clichés. Despite any shortcomings, ‘The Straight Hits!’ remains a compelling listen. Part ode, part lampoon, part head scratching soul search” 8/10 – sound blab.

The Straight Hits!


  1. Straight To The Top!
  2. Straight At Me
  3. Give It To Me Straight
  4. Straight Laced Come Undone
  5. Damn Straight
  6. Loved Straight To Hell
  7. The Dire Straits Of Love
  8. Whiskey Straight Love
  9. A Love Song (Set Me Straight)
  10. Straight Down Again!