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Song For Alpha



Released: 6th Apr 2018


2lp + download

Released: 6th Apr 2018


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William Basinski, aphex twin, Warp’s Artificial Intelligence, Brian Eno - plus his own excursions with Alessandro Cortini - all serve as touchstones for a record that sees Avery take his signature psychedelic-electronic sound to new dimensions; a sound that plays to the head as much as the body.

With newfound energy and time to develop, Avery’s sonic vocabulary has expanded. celestial ambient lullabies ‘First Light’ and ‘Days From Now’ sit perfectly next to the mesmeric techno assault of ‘Diminuendo’ and ‘Sensation’, whilst both ‘Projector’ and ‘Clear’ evoke early rave records, enveloped by waves of beautiful cyclonic distortion. “introspective ambient and subtle techno collide beautifully on long-awaited second full-length […] avery’s compositions become engulfing, such is the pull of his palpable textures, dense soundscapes and tantalising beats” 9/10 – uncut.

Song For Alpha


  1. First Light
  2. Stereo L
  3. Projector
  4. TBW17
  5. Sensation
  6. citizen // Nowhere
  7. Clear
  8. Diminuendo
  9. Days From Now
  10. Embers
  11. Slow Fade
  12. Glitter
  13. Endnote
  14. Quick Eternity
  15. Think About What You Love (10" bonus track)