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The Oscillation


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Released: 16th Mar 2018


Ditching any inkling of his ‘rock’ beginnings for a lysergic (but equally sinister) journey into post-apocalyptic electronics and sprawling drones, This is kosmische musik for the new age; a fitting soundtrack to the forthcoming techno-apocalypse.

this album sees Demian completely subvert his sound once again, adding a new evolution to his ever-evolving musical canon. ‘U.E.F’ is comprised of two 20-minute slabs of unforgiving, dystopian electronica - complete with ambient electronics, droning analogue synths, monolithic percussion and a hypnotic kraut gusto. if white hills, 10,000 russos and gnob are your cup of tea, this is the natural next step in their evolution.



  1. Flight Sequence
  2. U.E.F