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ben frost

All That You Love Will Be Eviscerated


12" + download

Released: 4th May 2018


In collaborating with steve-freaking-Albini (big black, shellac), Frost chooses a new immediacy and raw directness, adding a more visceral quality to his music, less obstructed by the polish of over-production.

As an artist whose command of sound design lies at the heart of his practice, by placing himself primarily in the role of live performer and handing the studio recording process over to Albini, Frost continues his pursuit of Theseus’ paradox; the question of whether a ship restored by replacing every single part remains the same ship. in his prolific work as a sound engineer, albini has recorded nirvana’s ‘in utero’, pj harvey’s ‘rid of me’ and the pixies’ ‘surfer rosa’, amongst countless, countless others.

All That You Love Will Be Eviscerated


  1. All That You Love Will Be Eviscerated
  2. Self Portrait In Ultramarine
  3. Meg Ryan Eyez (Albini Suspension Mix)
  4. Ionia (Alva Noto Remodel)
  5. An Empty Vessel To Flood
  6. Goonies Never Say Die