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Ulrika Spacek

Compact Trauma

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Close to five years on from their last transmission, Ulrika Spacek resurface from self-imposed exile with their third album, a collection of songs that function...
Ulrika Spacek

The Album Paranoia

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a cross pollination of hypnotic fuzz, Verlaine-Malkmus guitar idiosyncrasies, krauty grooves, shoegaze haze & intertwining feelings of both angst & mela...
Suggestive Listening E.P (RSD18)

Ulrika Spacek

Suggestive Listening E.P (RSD18)

tough love
  • record store day exclusive 2018 - 12" EP + download

    Released: 21st Apr 2018

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Following the release of two consecutive albums over two consecutive years (2016's 'The Album Paranoia' and last year's 'Modern English Decoration'), Ulrika Spacek release new music in the form of an extended play record titled 'Suggestive Listening'.

Recorded at both KEN and a rural studio in France, this work reveals experimentation in both a home and studio environment. A departure from the band's beloved album format, and perhaps a suggestive insight into future endeavours. Tracks: 1 - No. 1 Hum 2 - Black Mould 3 - Freudian Slip 4 - Lord Luck 5 - Wave to Paulo, he's not there