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Leon Bridges

Coming Home

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At last – a new soul man to rank with the legends.
Leon Bridges

gold-diggers sound

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Leon Bridges returns with a confident swagger and an eager ear for a smooth tune - Nothing but good vibes throughout this masterful work.

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  2. Bad Bad News
  3. Shy
  4. Beyond
  5. Forgiveness Song
  6. Lions
  7. If It Feels Good (Then It Must Be)
  8. You Don’t Know
  9. Mrs.
  10. Georgia to Texas

Leon Bridges

good thing

  • Limited "RSD Essentials" yellow lp


his second album embraces the classic sound of his exquisite soul vocals whilst injecting a decidedly modern style of r&b production – perfect ear fodder for the summer.

Leon & his long time collaborators & ‘Coming Home’ producers, Niles City Sound, headed out west to work with Reed with the goal of taking Leon’s music in a more modern R&B direction while staying true to his signature style. Says Leon, “’Good Thing’ allows me to showcase more of my influences & artistry. I'm excited for the world to hear it & perform this diverse group of songs live.” If ‘Coming Home’ was Leon Bridges in black & white, then ‘Good Thing’ is Leon Bridges in technicolour. this is perfect if you’re a fan of al green, stevie wonder & marvin gaye, & looking for someone new. “follow-up confirms debut’s lack of fluke-ish qualities” – uncut.