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girls names

Stains on Silence                                      

tough love


Released: 15th Jun 2018


lp + download

Released: 15th Jun 2018



Released: 15th Jun 2018


The northern irish band surprise and delight – albeit in sumptuous shades of grey – on this immersive piece of work that recalls the cure and all sorts of 80’s post-punk goodness.

From the swoon of opener '25' and the submerged disco doom of 'Haus Proud' to the rapt, dub-leaning 'Fragments of a Portrait', Girls Names have created an album of synchronous nuance and defiance. Riyl precoccupations, eagulls, and crystal stilts. “It’s not reassuring, safe or even particularly kind, but sometimes, our outsider status is all we’ve got. Rather beautiful” – the tempo house

Stains on Silence                                      


  1. 25
  2. Haus Proud
  3. The Process
  4. The Impaled Mystique
  5. Fragments of a Portrait
  6. A Moment and a Year
  7. Stains on Silence
  8. Karoline