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Metamatic (Deluxe)



Released: 25th May 2018


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including the original album remastered from the original analogue tapes, this luxurious set compiles a wealth of extra tracks across 2 additional discs.

the 15 instrumentals on CD3 collectively sound like a lost electronic soundtrack with echoes of Quatermass, BBC's Radiophonic Workshop and the dark DIY electronics of Thomas Leer and Robert Rental. The set includes 6 art cards inside the CD box, Previously unreleased tracks, a 40 page booklet featuring previously unseen photos and rare drawings by John Foxx. Every B-side, out-take and unreleased track has been taken from the best possible source.

Metamatic (Deluxe)


  1. Plaza
  2. He’s a Liquid
  3. Underpass
  4. Metal Beat
  5. No-One Driving
  6. A New Kind Of Man
  7. Blurred Girl
  8. 030
  9. Tidal Wave
  10. Touch And Go
  11. Film One
  12. This City
  13. To Be With You
  14. Cinemascope
  15. Burning Car
  16. Glimmer
  17. Mr. No 8 Young Love
  18. 20th Century
  19. My Face
  20. Underpass (Radio Edit)
  21. No-One Driving (Single Version)
  22. Like A Miracle (Alternative Version)
  23. A New Kind Of Man (Alternative Version)
  24. He’s A Liquid (Alternative Version)
  25. Plaza (Extended Version)
  26. Underpass (Extended Version)
  27. Blurred Girl (Longer Fade Version)
  28. A Frozen Moment
  29. He’s A Liquid (Instrumental Dub)
  30. Mr. No (Alternative Version)
  31. The Uranium Committee
  32. A Man Alone
  33. Over Tokyo
  34. Terminal Zone
  35. Urban Code
  36. A Version Of You
  37. Glimmer (Alternative Version)
  38. Fragmentary City
  39. Metamorphosis
  40. Approaching The Monument
  41. Critical Mass
  42. Alamogordo Logic
  43. Touch And Go (Early Version)
  44. Miss Machinery
  45. No-One Driving (Early Version)
  46. Burning Car (Early Version)
  47. Like A Miracle (Early Version)
  48. No-One Driving (Alternative Version)