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Mazzy Star



12" ep + download

Released: 1st Jun 2018


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be still your beating heart – hope Sandoval gets the band back together for an exquisite little set of aching, arresting aural duvets-of songs.

It’s their first new stuff since 2014 and makes us feel like 1993 was only yesterday. that is in no small part due to a luscious new version of ‘so tonight that I might see’ from the back-cat. stick this on and snuggle up – if you’ve ever spent time with the likes of low or beach house you will treasure this release. “’Still’ is Mazzy Star’s kaleidoscope for new generations, breathing life back into the decade of their prime.” 5/5 – cryptic rock



  1. Quiet, The Winter Harbour
  2. That Way Again
  3. Still
  4. So Tonight That I Might See (.acension Version)