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james bay

Electric Light

virgin emi


Released: 18th May 2018


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adding a layer of sheen to your sound can either launch you to a new level or be a death knoll – thankfully james bay has certainly done the former with a brilliantly catchy and bombastic album full of Freddie mercury pomp that’s gonna knock out every killers that hears it. He may have lost his iconic hat but he’s gained a fuller sound that borrows from the aforementioned killers and queen plus a few chops from fellow stadium rockers bastille to create an album full of the sort of choruses that’re going to rattle round your head for weeks to come.

Electric Light

  1. intro
  2. wasted on each other
  3. pink lemonade
  4. wild love
  5. us
  6. in my head
  7. interlude
  8. just for tonight
  9. wanderlust
  10. i found you
  11. sugar drunk high
  12. stand up
  13. fade out
  14. slide
  15. wild love (acoustic version - deluxe cd only)
  16. pink lemonade (acoustic version - deluxe cd only)
  17. us (acoustic version - deluxe cd only)