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Gabe Gurnsey (factory floor)




Released: 3rd Aug 2018


2lp + download

Released: 3rd Aug 2018


the factory floor co-founder’s solo record sees him travel far beyond his comfort zone, relishing the chance to stretch his creative exploits into warmer, more pop orientated terrains.

his new sound is a 21st Century take on muscular electro, Balearic synth pop, EBM, proto-Hacienda militant funk, early Chicago house and minimal, Neptunes-referencing. Gurnsey notes “I wanted to explore the more celebratory sound of dance music… I didn’t want to make a hostile record”. he takes the addictive pop gloom of bands like a certain ratio and talking heads and gives them a thoroughly modern update, expanding that sound into an entirely new beast. “’physical’ shares a few traits with gurnsey’s parent band – electro funkiness, a certain hydrochloric intensity – but its breadth is pleasing, aiming for something more hooky than factory floor’s typical brief” 8/10 – uncut.



  1. Ultra Clear Sound
  2. You Can
  3. Temazzy
  4. Harder Rhythm
  5. Sweet Heat
  6. New Kind
  7. Heavy Rubber
  8. In States
  9. I Get
  10. Version
  11. Eyes Over
  12. AM Crystal
  13. Night Track
  14. The Last Channel