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Nine Inch Nails

Bad Witch

the null corporation


Released: 22nd Jun 2018


lp + download

Released: 22nd Jun 2018


reznor has saved the best for last on a trilogy that began with 2016’s ‘not the actual events’ – his signature industrial aggression is tempered by a cool compositional sophistication, at times reminding us of bowie’s ‘black star’.

On this one, we hear elements of pop melodicism, wobbling house music and droning saxophones mixed in with the typical nin abrasiveness. This is one of those occasions where a beloved artist’s sound evolves without sacrificing what made them great in the first place; instead, building upon that foundation and creating something masterful.

Bad Witch


  1. Shit Mirror
  2. Ahead Of Ourselves
  3. Play The Goddamned Part
  4. God Break Down The Door
  5. I’m Not From This World
  6. Over And Out