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Be The Cowboy

Dead Oceans


Released: 17th Aug 2018


limited indies-only coke bottle green lp + download

Released: 17th Aug 2018


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lp + download

Released: 17th Aug 2018


Spiked with a wicked sense of humour, the wayward Japanese-American mesmerist decisively eases off the grunge pop in favour of glitzier synths.

Her 5th album is replete with adhesive and unique melodic hooks conveyed with an inspirational vocal dexterity that revels in its unpredictability – throwing you off course regularly, toying with you, fighting against your expectations. Holding it all together though is the exceptional storytelling, with its driving theme being that of being on the stage. As “the idiot with the painted face”, she presents characters who conceal their feelings beneath a sheen of beauty and success. In parallel, the glamorous, upbeat electro-pop belies lyrics of painful yearning – songs that will knock the breath out of you. As the album builds towards its denouement, the melodic mask slips and the lyrics and music reach a revelatory harmony. In a class of her own.

“Each track is a gem, reflective and complex and yet exactly as simple as it ought to be” - Consequence Of Sound

“For me, she’s probably the most advanced American songwriter that I know” – Iggy Pop.

Be The Cowboy


  1. Geyser
  2. Why Didn’t You Stop Me
  3. Old Friend
  4. A Pearl
  5. Lonesome Love
  6. Remember My Name
  7. Me And My Husband
  8. Come Into the Water
  9. Nobody
  10. Pink in the Night
  11. A Horse Named Cold Air
  12. Washing Machine Heart
  13. Blue Light
  14. Two Slow Dancers