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Die Tür Ist Zu


2lp + download

Released: 3rd Aug 2018


A unique artefact in their sprawling discography, this is a German language version of some of the material from the outstanding ‘Soundtracks for the blind’ with loads of extra and exclusive material unique to the release.

“the door is shut” (as it translates) features an especially incredible version of ‘the helpless child’, that pointed the way to the future for gira and his crew. This curio amounts to some of the most experimental and essential swans stuff out there. “another classic Swans moment” 9/10 - allmusic

Die Tür Ist Zu


  1. Ligeti's Breath / Hilflos Kind
  2. Ich Sehe Die Alle In Einer Reihe
  3. Surrogate Drones
  4. YRP
  5. You Know Everything (Reprise 1991)
  6. M/F
  7. Soundsection