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oh sees

smote reverser

castle face

2lp + download

Released: 17th Aug 2018


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the monster rumbles on, this time slaying with the astonishing shifting dynamics of a band equally in thrall to shred, space, and groove.

That twin-percussion attack has never sound more exciting than here, whether combining for wild beat downs, can-indebted infinity jams, or splashy-cymbal’d jazzy excursions. Rhythm is king on ‘smote reverser’, on songs wild and nuanced. Take “last peace”, which does it all – clean, dirty, thrashy, and pretty all in one-song, climaxing with the dizziest orgy of thing-striking they’ve ever summoned. Oh sees are no longer a band that just shape shift between songs, but a fully integrated aural invasion force with all their weapons firing at once. Plus - that artwork is peak oh sees, and demands to be gripped. All hail! “album 20 sees john dwyer’s prolific band blossom into expansive, psychedelic maturity” 8/10 - uncut

smote reverser

  1. Sentient Oona
  2. Enrique El Cobrador
  3. C
  4. Overthrown
  5. Last Peace
  6. Moon Bog
  7. Anthemic Aggressor
  8. Abysmal Urn
  9. Nail House Needle Boys
  10. Flies Bump Against The Glass
  11. Beat Quest