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1/1 (Original Soundtrack)



Released: 20th Jul 2018


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Released: 20th Jul 2018


on their first soundtrack, Liars have created an engrossing selection of electronic pieces that reflect the film’s use of mixed media abstractions and multi-film formats, and undoubtedly stands up as an album in its own right.

Created soon after Liars’ 2014 album ‘Mess’, these are the last recordings by Angus Andrew and Aaron Hemphill before Hemphill amicably left the band. Without using visual cues that might allow the music to simply mirror emotion, Liars have delved deeper into the reality of some of the more complicated themes of ‘1/1’. director, Jeremy Phillips goes on to say that “The music, how it functions in the film, is really the access point to the main character’s thoughts/feelings. It's a coming-of- age story, she’s very distant and the music guides you through the emotions, as both she and the visual language of the film keep maturing.”

1/1 (Original Soundtrack)


  1. No Now Not Your Face
  2. Cottagevej
  3. Caused By The Glitch
  4. Helsingor Lane
  5. Lesson In Threes
  6. Telepathic Interrogation
  7. Gesta Danorum
  8. Cause By The Pitch
  9. The Jelling Ship
  10. Shitraver
  11. Drastic Tactic
  12. Liquorice
  13. Nøkke
  14. The Finger Plan
  15. Beyond