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Joy as an Act of Resistance (5th Anniversary edition)

Limited deluxe 180g LP in Gold Glitter Die-Cut Gatefold sleeve w/ 8 Double-Sided Interchangeable art prints - £33.99 | Pre Order
To celebrate five years since its original release in 2018, the deluxe vinyl of this stonking great sophomore has been reissued for the very first time.

Five Years of Brutalism

limited cherry red LP w/ new artwork - £23.99
Brutalism was originally self-released in March 2017, surpassing expectations to become one of the decade’s most important debut albums.


limited eco-mix random colour lp - £19.99 | Buy
lp - £18.99 | Buy

cd - £10.99 | Buy

Resident End of Year 2021 Edition - Limited Deluxe 180g 45rpm 2LP with Hand-Numbered Belly Band (/300) & 12x12 Print - 1 Per Customer - £28.99

*Last copy has minor cosmetic seam split* Resident End of Year 2021 Edition - Limited Eco-Mix Random Colour LP with Hand-Numbered Belly Band (/300) & 12x12 Print - 1 Per Customer - £19.99
If you’re going to throw a curveball, might as well do it when you’re super confident you’ve got everyone’s attention, right? In a serio...

Model Village

limited 7" - 1 per customer - £9.99 | Buy
Following on from the release of Ultra Mono in 2020, IDLES are back to release a version of Model Village with none other than slowthai.

Ultra Mono

limited deluxe gatefold lp + **slightly creased** signed print - £32.99 | Buy
lp - £19.99 | Buy

cd - £9.99 | Buy

cassette - £9.99 | Buy

limited "vortex" colour lp - £18.99
Swirling & disorientating guitars, a relentless bass & drum assault and earnest lyrics have made Idles one of the best bands out there of recent years, ...


cd - £11.99 | Buy
lp - £16.99
Snarling and gnarly wit-punk - an explosive debut that’s barely left our shop stereo - Hang on to something, it’s about to get wild! The Bristol...

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songs of praise

LP + download - £22.99 | Buy
cd - £9.99 | Buy
their debut lp seethes with a crackling post-punk intensity throughout, marrying caustic, razor-edged musicality with emotive melodies, dripping with sincere ou...

Consolation EP

limited yellow lp + download - £13.99 | Buy
The shop favourites are in particularly exhilarating form here, on a not-jolly but cathartically euphoric ep featuring kelley deal (breeders) adding a welcome n...
Joy as an Act of Resistance
  3. I’M SCUM
  6. JUNE
  9. GREAT
  11. CRY TO ME


Joy as an Act of Resistance

Partisan Records
  • lp

    Released: 31st Aug 2018

  • cd

    Released: 31st Aug 2018


division, love, hate
celebrating unity
accepting your flaws

a true tour de force 
a social climate mirror
smashed over your head

Wasting little time in releasing their follow up to their game-changing ‘Brutalism’, the most important band in Britain are back.

Digging deeper both musically and lyrically, they open up a fresh can of whoop-ass. From the cinematic chugging opener of ‘Colossus’, to the discordant wails of ‘Love Song’ and the balls-to-the-wall chaos of ‘Rottweiler’, the band have embraced a more dynamic approach to their highly energetic post-punk. Prepare

to be sonically steamrollered by barrages of jagged guitars, pummelling bass and skull destroying drums. The excitement from start to finish is like a firework - set it off, stand back and let it explode.

Lyrically, there are few finer contemporaries than Joe Talbot in summing up our modern world. Armed with his sharp, sardonic wit, he has the ability to make you laugh, to make you cry and to make you grow. He delivers such brutal, hilarious and quite frankly catchy one liners with ease. In particular the track ’NFAMWAP’ with the utterly fantastic “you’re not a man you’re a gland, you’re one big neck with sausage hands” or the politically poetic “a heathen from Eton, on a bag of Michael Keaton”. If telling stories of modern love through Dirty Dancing motifs is for you, check out the line “I carried a watermelon, I wanna be vulnerable” - what more can you ask for?! While the storytelling is heavily dependant on humour, it takes a far more personal and vulnerable approach on the track ‘June’, an utterly heart-breaking piece documenting a world changing tragedy. If your eyes are dry by the end, you are dead inside.

Never far away from the dark side though, is the light. Their messages of positivity are scattered throughout the album. Take note from Joe and “love yourself” - it’s highly important that you do.

Our love for this band was further cemented during their incredible out-store performance. If you were lucky enough to be there, we're sure you can understand. It was definitely one of the most thrilling events we have ever have the privilege of being involved in. So, whether you’re a returning fan, a new convert, or if you’re yet to hear them, we know you’re gonna be blown away. This one will be blaring loud for some time to come for sure!