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anna meredith



2LP + download

Released: 17th Aug 2018


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bold, eccentric, and somewhat menacing, anna’s take on vivaldi’s four seasons presents them in an invigorating way, like nothing we’ve heard before.

This is a boundary-pushing collaboration with the Scottish Ensemble, in which original pieces of work by the classical-electronic composer are intertwined with Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. After a recording process using the unusual ‘binaural recording head’, the project will is available in an exclusive binaural recording – allowing the listener to experience the unique spatial aspects of the piece through headphones. Occupying a unique position of bridging both popular, experimental and classical worlds, Anna has made a name for her genre defying sound. “More than anything else she’s done, Anno blends her classical and club personas and proves that the fusion can work” 4/5 – the guardian.


  1. Solstice - Light In - Anna Meredith
  2. Dawn - Antonio Vivaldi
  3. birds - Anna Meredith
  4. Meadow - Antonio Vivaldi
  5. Stoop - Anna Meredith
  6. Heat - Antonio Vivaldi
  7. Haze - Anna Meredith
  8. Thunder - Antonio Vivaldi
  9. Bloom - Anna Meredith
  10. Slumber - Antonio Vivaldi
  11. Stillness - Anna Meredith
  12. Chase - Antonio Vivaldi
  13. Low Light - Anna Meredith
  14. Ice - Antonio Vivaldi
  15. Embers - Antonio Vivaldi
  16. Solstice - Light Out - Anna Meredith