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Dilly Dally


Partisan Records


Released: 14th Sep 2018


limited indies-only white lp + download

Released: 14th Sep 2018


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cacophonous melodies and shrieking vocal lines put this band up there with the best post grunge acts on the scene; it’s a tirelessly thrilling record.

this album is a fierce, fiery ode to optimism, a distortion-soaked battle cry for hope and beauty in a world of darkness and doubt. the production draws every potent ounce of energy from the foursome’s swampy tones, raspy vocals, and volatile rhythm section. ‘Heaven’ opens with the dreamy “I Feel Free,” which begins as a floating, untethered soundscape before transforming into a soaring anthem. While the music is undeniably ferocious, there’s uplift woven into the fabric of every track. fans of sleater-kinney, bully and the pixies will love this!